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Will they like it? Do I even care? I really want to impress myself. Impressing others is just a bonus!

Speaking from experience… I had to grow personally into what ArtFit is today. I am in control all all things ArtFit so it is up to me to push the narrative I want. Early on I had so many ideas around social media, sales and content. I didn’t care to be apart of any of it. I wanted to make outfits and just have them magically sale. I knew I had a product that had potential for profit but I sucked at doing anything besides making the pieces.

When it came to posting to social media and trying to create hype I started with using my college roommates and dance team members as models. I’d make little tops, hunt down someone to model it, then post and wait… and wait… I didn’t see likes exploding. My inbox wasn’t filled with purchase inquiries. I hadn’t even thought about creating a website and in my mind I just knew I had a product that would sell itself… and it did not. Fast forward a few years and the world shut down (thanks COVID-19) and I knew that I didn’t have room to make anymore excuses. I didn’t think I had the body for it representing my brand. (Really I just had too much boobage for what I was creating.) I needed to think about the limitations I had put on myself and destroy them.

And I did just that. I needed to design clothing that I could wear, model, post, repeat. I stopped worry about trends and started designing staple pieces that could be worn anytime. I reworked old ideas and made them better. My knowledge of the craft was growing even more. I removed the pressures of “will the like it? Will they buy it?” All I knew was that I wanted to look GOOD in clothes I made. Go ARTFIT!

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  • I love hearing your story. I can identify. I love the idea of creating just for yourself, sharing, and not caring if anyone else likes it. It reminds me of my blog. As soon as something started to take off, I would pull back because it stopped being for me anymore. The stress of an audience changed how I felt about my blog. And yet I wondered why my tutorials were not being featured on the big blogs of the day like CRAFT Zine.

    Congratulations on figuring out your plan. Everyone will flock to your site for patterns and pieces. If you need help figuring out how to get your pattern tested and good for publication, let me know. Peace and blessings.

    Caissa Jadash

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