Gifted with Grace - The Start of ARTFIT

Grace Like A Flood!

Have you ever worked on a project and things just seemed to click? You had a vision and before you knew it the vision had been worked out with your hands and is exactly what you saw in your head? I think of these moments as floods of grace. I am well aware that all my gifts and talents come from God. I am aware as well that He is the one that gives vision. And I am also aware that every challenge has strengthened my skills and shaped the way I apply them.

These days we can get so caught up on what we see on social media. We are instantly in competition based on likes and exposure. Personally I’ve had my battle with feeling like other artists or people in general are surpassing me. I started ArtFit six years ago now with a lot of confidence. For years, I didn’t feel seen. I felt like I couldn’t “crack the code” of the social media hype. Looking back I’m grateful for it because I wasn’t ready. See, I really thought I was poppin’ back then. I know better now. My skill has grown immensely since the start of ArtFit. I’m much more proud of my work now than ever before. I can’t say that I’ve made highly intricate designs or created some groundbreaking new crochet technique but what I do create makes me happy.

I think of the picture from the bread aisle. It reminds me that there is a lane for everyone. I’m working on reminding myself that there is a time for everyone as well. What I’ve learned is to stick to the facts. 

  • Gifts are things willingly given to someone without payment.
  • Talents are natural aptitudes or skills.
  • Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God; a divinely given talent or blessing.


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